Making your brand a winning one

From zero to market leader in 1 year
Pallette Hair Dyes, Schwarzkopf TR, 2002-2004

From 30% to 55% SOM in 9 months
Ncell, Nepal, Telia Sonera, 2009-2010

+15 pp SOM in 6 months
Kcell, Kazakhstan, Telia Sonera, 2006-2007

Category leader in 2 years
Dacia, Renault TR, 2010-2011

A vast experience in marketing
Designing growth driven CX strategies

+20% in like-for-like sales
KFC, Yum!Brands TR, 2018

Best practice benchmark for B2B customer retention, Anadolu Efes, 2013-2014

From an ill performing one to the best branch in the world in only 1 year
Kidzania Istanbul, 2017

Best practice benchmark for on-premise sales channel management
Coca-Cola, CCI, 2011

A CX experience across diverse industries
Turning your value chain into a growth engine

From zero to market leader in 2 years
Ucell, Uzbekistan, Telia Sonera, 2007-2009

New business model to generate sustained added-value
Anadolu Motor, 2016

Total brand shift: from a value brand to a top tier fast fashion brand.
Koton, 2006-2009

New customer value chain to increase customer retention
Finansinvest, QNB Group TR, 2015-2016

Complex transformation projects
Disrupting the paradigm to redefine MSFs

From zero to the best selling women's magazine in 1 year
All magazine, Om Medya, 2008

Disrupted the treatment protocol for schizophrenia
Risperdal Consta, Janssen-Cilag TR, 2006-2007

Disrupted the role of PC game cafes in gamer acqusition
League of Legends, Riot Games TR, 2018

Winning back the brand rejecters
Arçelik, 2017

Innovative solutions to challenging problems